About us

“Minahil Malik” a website that started as a single idea with a dream to become a reality one day, was kicked out of the busy city of Islamabad in 2011. Today is the website’s 12th anniversary. There were ups and downs along the way that made it hard to reach our goal, but we kept going to get out of the storm and contact this cornerstone today.

We’ve been working with unwavering dedication since the beginning, meeting strategic goals and receiving endless praise and reviews from clients, giving our website new life every day. People who buy from us are like a farmer, and we’re like a flower that needs to be watered every day to stay healthy and pretty.

We set out with the goal of succeeding and striving until the end, and we always promised to have a “never say die” attitude, even when we were lost. As a result, our continued hard work and dedication have helped us get this far in our efforts to make changes to our website. We are now enjoying the fruits of our consistency and persistence.

We are happy to say that we no longer believe that. The reward for hard work, determination, and consistency is always sweet, even though it tasted bitter and sour at the beginning of the journey and mission. We went through stumbles and setbacks that made us more robust, but because we kept working hard and weren’t afraid to fail, even when we got flattened like flat tires, our “Top Islamabad girls” are now walking the walk for the escort agency in Islamabad and beyond.

We want to keep going and try “hither and hither” because we love climbing the success ladder to the top.

Also, on a more positive note, we were crowned as one of the best front-runners thanks to the fans’ friendly support and praise over the past 12 years… We still have miles to go before we go to sleep.